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Your Health And Beauty Matter To Us.

We are proud to say that all of our products are vegan, cruelty free, and made in a FDA-Approved-Facility in the U.S.A. We will continue to use the finest ingredients produced in small batches while providing you with the healthiest products on the market. We want to inspire all individuals to feel beautiful and confident.

Okay I normally do not do reviews, don’t think I have ever but this product deserves it! I have tried numerous tinting products even at salons and I have always had a severe allergic reaction to it! I recently figured out I was allergic to PPD, when I found out this product was PPD free. I immediately bought it... just tried it out last night and no burning, no irritation, no swelling, no nothing... nothing but perfect tinted eyebrows!!! This product deserves the recognition!!! I will be buying this for the rest of my life!!! THANKS TO THE FOUNDER OF THIS PRODUCT!

Chloe - Brow Tint

I have tried several other products on my lashes and 801 Cosmetics made them grow faster and darker! Their products are worth every cent!

Lorilee - Lash Serum

I love these sugar scrubs...they smell great, and are very emollient! At first I felt as though they had too much oil vs. sugar content, but the ratio is actually perfect to get the all over polish and glow you want. The little wooden spoon included is useful to pick the sugar out of the container. Use it before going out on the'll smell delicious and your skin will be baby soft with a beautiful glow!

Lara - Body Polish