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Our Story


I’m Susan Carter.

801 Cosmetics started when I decided to manufacture a better quality of brow tint than what was currently on the market. My product was in research and development for over 3 years and I have loved the challenge from the beginning!

Since launching my brow tint in June of 2020, I have received some amazing feedback from so many individuals about how confident the brow tint has made them feel, and how it has changed their lives in so many ways. The emotional stories people have chosen to share with me have been so moving. Knowing others like you, are finding their place amongst the crowd, has continued to inspire me to add products that make you feel beautiful and empowered.

801 Cosmetics care about you, therefore I have developed products that contain natural ingredients in an FDA compliant facility. We are cruelty free, and locally sourced.

Thank you for taking me on your personal journey. Keep the pictures and stories coming!

I love getting to know you.