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What is your return policy?

Click here for our return policy.

No product is dispensing out of my "Step 1" bottle.

 We have these bottles specially made as to make sure no air touches the product before use. That being said, there is a floor that rises from the bottom of the bottle when the top is pumped. The floor can sometimes get stuck which is what has happened in your bottle. The quickest way to fix this is to push the end of a paper clip end through the small hole in the bottom of the bottle while you pump. This will cause the floor to rise and become "unstuck." If this does not work, we will send you a new "Step 1."

I have sensitive skin. Can I use this product?

 Absolutely! We have had multiple people with sensitive skin use this product with flawless results. To test this, we provided our product to an Instagram influencer who specializes in sensitive skin, and she loved it! Read more about her review HERE

I entered the wrong shipping address, what happens?

If you have entered the wrong address, the product has shipped, and then was returned to us, we will refund your first order minus shipping fees and ask you to reorder. If the product was not returned to us, we will ask you to purchase another box.

How many applications are in a kit?

 A kit contains approximately 10 applications which could vary depending on brow thickness and how much product you use per application.

How long does this product last?

Depending on what products you are using to cleanse your face and how often, this product can last for 2 weeks or more!

Does this product replace eyebrow pencils?

Yes! Unless you have a bald spot or an uneven hairline, this product is meant to replace a pencil.

How often should I use this product?

Although this product can last several weeks, you may apply as often as you like.

Can you tint your eyelashes with this product?

No. This product is made to be used on the eyebrows only.

Can I apply this product directly from the bottle to my eyebrows?

DO NOT apply gel directly to eyebrows. This product should be placed on the enclosed poly-coated paper sheets before being applied to the eyebrows.

If I have had microblading done, can I still use this product?

Absolutely! Remember that "microblading" only tattoos the skin of the brow. Our product is a eyebrow tint which will darken the hair for a more full look.

How long does shipping take?

Currently, we use USPS. Shipping is 3-5 days depending on location. You have an option to pay for 2 day or overnight shipping.

Can men use this product?

Absolutely! This product is open to everyone.

Can I use an eyebrow serum with this product?

Yes. There are no side effects using the serum with our product.

Are there any side effects?

If you have sensitive skin, consult a dermatologist before using. When using a retinol product, you will want to discontinue use of it 1 month before using this product.

Does this product stain your skin?

Slightly. The color will add depth to the brows. However, if you tint your skin outside the brow line, it can easily be removed by using most any eye make-up remover.

Does this product work on sparse brows?

No. This product is designed to tint your hair.

What happens if I put too much product on my brows?

This will not affect the end result.

I feel a tingling sensation after applying "Step 1," is this normal?

This is very normal. "Step 1" is used to open the hair follicles and prepare them for the colored pigment in "Step 2" to be deposited.

After applying "Step 2" is it normal to look so dark?

This is normal. "Step 2" contains dark pigment that is used to deposit the color into the hair.

How can I make it darker?

There are 2 ways to make your brows darker. The first is to leave the "Step 2" gel on for a longer period of time. The second is to repeat the entire process again.

Do you have a retail shop?

Currently, we are exclusively selling on our Brow Addictions online store and Amazon.

I ran out of paper sheets, what do I do?
We recommend using either wax or parchment paper as this will not react with the product.