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Why Choose Us

While many products on the market today enhance your natural beauty, many are at a cost to your health.

The ingredients in our products have been thoughtfully sourced. We provide you with a level of comfort to insure you are making the right purchase.

Our brow tint does NOT contain the ingredient PPD. This chemical is used in many hair dyes, primarily in darker shades, to achieve a permanent color that successfully covers grey hair. Studies have linked this ingredient to an increased risk of cancer. Severe reactions can occur causing the eyes to swell and lead to blindness, and can even be fatal. You can read more about this harmful ingredient at:

The serums are made hormone free. They contain peptides instead, which help hydrate and build keratin, the structural protein your body needs for your outer layer of skin, hair and nails.

Our sugar scrub is made with Organic pure cane sugar. White sugar is refined through a multi-step process using several different chemicals, including sulfur dioxide, phosphoric acid, and calcium hydroxide, while organic sugar retains all of the nutrients found in its natural state.

These are the reasons it has taken us 3 years of research and development to formulate products that are safe to use for your body and works better than other products on the market.

Feel confident that we have created products without harmful chemicals so you can feel safe about using them.

Here is a view of the 801 Cosmetics Brow Tint manufacturing process in Utah, U.S.A.