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The Ultimate Brow Kit


801 Cosmetics Ultimate Brow Kit provides you with everything you need for perfect brows. 

For detailed product descriptions, please click below:

Darkest Brow Tint

Light/Medium Brow Tint

Brow Enhancing Serum and Conditioner

Luxury Brow Brush


    All of our products are plant based for your health. This includes no hormones and no PPD.

    Cruelty Free

    Our products will NEVER be tested on animals.

    Made in the U.S.A.

    We will continue to always produce 100% in the U.S.A.

    Your Tinting Kit Contains:

    - 2 Pre-Filled Pump Bottles With 15 Applications.

    - 1 Applicator Brush

    - 15 Poly Coated Paper Sheets

    - Detailed Instructions

    Customize Your Shade

    You can customize your all natural look with our product! Depending on the length of time you leave on "Step 2," the lighter or darker your final result will be!

    Your Brow Serum Kit Contains:

    - 6 mL of enhancing serums

    - 1 wide brush and 1 doe foot sponge for your choice of application

    Luxury Brow Brush:

    For Styling, outlining, and widening your brows.

    The Ultimate Brow Kit


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 84 reviews

      For those who have got their eyebrows tinted with regular dye, STOP! I use to do that till my body formed an allergic reaction to PPD which is a chemical that is put into dark dyes and even black henna. I’ve had my brows tinted and lashes and had severe reactions to where my face as swelled and I had burns on my eyebrows and eyes. It was extremely painful and the worst experience ever. I loved getting my brows done because it saved me time on doing them and I’ve always had lighter brows than my natural hair color so it always looked like I never really had brows. That is till I came across 801 cosmetics with the first ever brow tint with no PPD! I was nervous to use it but once I did I never stopped… I have been using this product for 3 years now and it is absolutely my FAVORITE, I didn’t have any type of reaction and this does last for awhile. I’ll usually touch it up quite often if I need too and it doesn’t/hasn’t harmed my brows in any way. I highly recommend, I will always buy my tint here and keep on using till I’m dead! Favorite favorite!


      Love how easy it was to do myself.


      I have light ash brown brows naturally but red dyed hair. I used the light/medium tint kit. I put aquaphor on the skin around my brows. Step 1 for 3 min then step 2 for 3 min. Then wiped off with tissue and a wet towel. They came out really good. I have thin brows so I learned I only needed 1 pump of each.


      Amazing eyebrow tint that actually lasts and amazing customer service!

      Lisa S.
      This is as good as a product gets. Everything one needs is included.

      This dye is safe, very easy to use, and lasts weeks. It has a lot of fail safes: you really can't screw it up if you take your time, which is less than 15 minutes. The box is good for months and months of tinting. All around, this is a find.